RS regal

“The system gives us a live snapshot of the income and expenses. Also history of routes, clients, diesel and all other KPI’s that’s relevant for a transporter.We now have live and accurate figures to make better decisions as management.”

– Operations Manager

Reinhardt transport

“This has brought my work to be more easier than ever. Fleet monitoring also has helped me in checking my trucks if they are on route of off route.”

– Fleet Controller

Reinhardt transport

” TMS is a safe, reliant, and functional kind of software that can save time and curb errors. The HO invoicing team at Reinhardt Transport has been gladly using this system for the past 2 years and find it worth investing in.
It is highly recommended.”

– Invoicing Debtors

Reinhardt transport

” TMS gives you the flexibility to focus on finer details in the workspace and gives you direct and accurate figures that we need daily to meet our KPI’s.”

– Divisional Manager